Blogpost Week 1

Q&A with ourselfs!

    1. Is it fun or not?

  • YES, pushing each other in a pool is a hell of fun!
  • But... it could be so much more fun with particles, sounds and animations

    2. Does the gameplay feel too slow / fast? 

  • Some mechanics feel a bit too fast and some thing feel too slow, this needs to be finetuned

    3. Does the scale feel good?

  • Scale of the characters feels very good in game

    4. Is it fun to throw stuff to each other?

  • YEAH! this is always fun, but... there is no real impact yet except that it spawns a pool of water
  • Soon f***ing each other over will be even more fun!

Problems and what works?

    1. Which kind of problems did we run into?

  • Perforce workflow, not used to it 100%
  • Unity prototype project got corrupted through pushing and pulling

    2. What worked or didn’t work?

  • Fast iteration on gameplay and some assets in unity
  • Great communication within our team about ideas and mechanics.
  • Not enough impact when throwing, etc... (not exaggerated enough)


    3. What is your plan for the next coming week?

  • Basic attack implementing (spank)
  • letting Puddles dissapear (shrink after a while)
  • Sliding on wet surface ( or ragdoll)
  • More impact when throwing things to each other
  • Make stun mechanic work
  • Focus on movement (dash finetuning)
  • Impact difference

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