Blogpost Week 3

--What did we do this week?-- 

This week our game went into the production phase! So we had a lot of planning to do and didnt have much time twork on the game itself. We were finally able to start a fresh unity project and throw all our messy code that we wrote the past couple of weeks away. 

  • We made a sprint planning, planning out all tasks we want to accomplish for the next coming weeks. 
  • Wconverted all those tasks into hacknplan and started assigning them 
  • Started a fresh unity project, with a better folder structure 
  • Started implementing a new movement system using force instead of velocity 
  • Finetuning some physics parameters to make the game feel less "floaty" 
  • We added 4 player controller support! So now you can enjoy the game with 4 players 
  • Reimplemented the attack sit works correctly when the other player is moving 
  • Started implementing a gameplay manager that takes care of the player stats/ spawning 
  • Added some finished assets to make the game look better! 


Our planning for next week 

  • Start workinon the GameplayManager 
  • Create the cart that drives around and drops items 
  • Start to create the Main menu and UI, not aiming to finish this, just start working on it 
  • Start working on items (waterballoonsbeachball) 
  • Make art for the props in the level anfinishing the ones already in the level
  • Creating a shark for the death animation 
  • Making some animations for the characters 


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Mar 13, 2018

Get [group 14] SPANK 'N SPLASH

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