Blogpost Week 4

--What did we do this week?-- 

First week of production flew by in no time, and we are on track, the game is becoming more fun every week!

  • We Tweaked our planning to be more precise
  • The first backdrop building for our game is finished!
  • A Shark made it's way into production! Rig is finished
  • Added the spank mechanic
  • floatyness is gone, game feels more snappy
  • Added a character selection screen for fun

We addded the character select screen where also the amount of player can be picked:  2, 3 or 4 players

As seen below we are going for a tropical/mediterranean setting

Shark enemy/event/character rig + skin is finished!

--Planning for next week-- 

  • Adding much more fun to the game
  • Probably adding more characters to play
  • Finishing the layout of the map

Get [group 14] SPANK 'N SPLASH

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