Blogpost Week 5

More fun and more beauty!

This week we did a whole bunch of work to make the game more fun and bring more feedback to the players. As seen in the screenshots below our game looks alive since this week!

  • We added 3 lives for each player so the game can be won!
  • HUD elements
  • faster player animation
  • feedback from the water balloon and slippery puddles
  • Reshaped the pool to be more fun
  • Added some vegetation like trees and bushes
  • We made the the tileable textures for our terrain
  • Item cart has been added to the game and drives around
  • The shark can spawn but doesn't do anything hostile (yet)

We started decorating the scene to make it look well... better. Also the HUD elements give it a way better feeling!

also we started shaping it more arena like.

Tyrone is also finished now being able to walk in game with his beautiful golden chain and big fro! 

tileable textures make our scene feel more alive!

More particles are on the way! Whenever you dash you leave some fiery marks behind you! 

Planning for the next two week!

  • finishing the other characters
  • adding more particle effects
  • detailing the pool with more assets
  • adding sounds to give more feedback to the players
  • implementing better menu's
  • polishing the existing features 


SpankAndSplash_DevBuild_3.rar 14 MB
Mar 27, 2018

Get [group 14] SPANK 'N SPLASH

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